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Long-Term Athlete/Skill Development Information For Parents

Alpine Canada Snow Stars is a skill development guide that offers coaching/instructing education and evaluation resources and an assessment tool for alpine, ski cross and para-alpine skiers. Originally created in 2001, the success of this program is built on its role as an accessible education and planning guide for coaches/instructors and families. The Heights has created a “site specific” version of the Snow Stars Program to make the benchmarks and skill assessment criteria that is relevant to our terrain. 

The Heights specific Snow Stars information can be found on our website however, you are encouraged to explore Alpine Canada’s website and the Snowstars curriculum for valuable information and reference.

Skill Level Prerequisites For Entry Into Race Programs:

Intermediate – 2 – I can ski on all hills with comfort. My skis are parallel on Blue and most Black slopes. I sometimes start my turns with a snowplow on steeper slopes. I can ride all lifts without assistance and am comfortable with group instruction. This is the minimum recommended level to enter the U10 Race program.

Advanced –  “Parallel Skier” I can comfortably ski at higher speeds with my skis parallel always. I can ride all lifts and take direction in a group setting. This is the minimum recommended level to enter U12 and up race programs.