Snow Stars

Snow Stars is a seven-step skill development guide that offers coaching education, evaluation resources and an assessment tool for alpine, ski cross and para-alpine skiers. Originally created in 2001, the success of this program is built on its role as an accessible education and planning guide for coaches and families.

Please take time to watch the Benchmark levels 1-4 at the bottom of this page.


The Snow Stars program effectively combines technical, tactical, physical and mental (emotional and cognitive) building blocks as the foundation to build athletic skills. With fundamental athletic skills in place, children benefit from the opportunity to develop qualities that extend beyond a lifelong passion for sport including leadership, self-esteem, cooperation, peer mentoring and learning, goal setting, task-focused activities and independence. The Snow Stars program guides opportunities to develop lasting friendships, family bonds and memories of on-snow fun, thus cementing a child’s love for alpine skiing.

Materials For Parents

Many parents are looking for answers to explain what is right for their child when it comes to athletic development. As a coach, you need something that will help explain the facts in an easy, accurate, and user-friendly manner. The Coaching Association of Canada, in coordination with Canadian Sport for Life, has created the following document: “Long-Term Athlete Development Information for Parents” to help coaches educate the parents of the children in their programs.

Snow School Levels of Ability

New to the activity. Has no previous experience. You will learn to slide, balance, stop & turn, get on/off the chairlift. (Snow Stars Level 1)
You can get around on green and easy blue slopes. At this level you are able to turn and stop. Still shaky with speed and any terrain changes, you spend most of your time on moderate terrain generally green trails. Able to get on and off the chair (if tall enough) on your own. (Snow Stars Level 1,2)
As a skier, skies are parallel most of the turn on green and blue slopes. You can handle blue slopes with ease and control. Can navigate some black slopes and some bumpy terrain. (Snow Stars Level 3,4)
You are comfortable on blue and black slopes, can ski at faster speeds in control and can navigate through the bumps and glades. You are looking for refinement (Snow Stars Level 4,5)
You can adjust to any terrain, speed or condition. You can easily adjust your technique for most efficient results and can mimic other techniques. You are looking for new ways to adjust and adapt for even better result (Snow Stars Level 5)

Benchmark Levels 1-4 Videos